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We offer professional mole control services to customers throughout the UK.

Mole Control

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Northampton Pest Management provide a professional mole control service for business customers & individuals.


Moles do significant damage to lawns, golf courses, cricket pitches, formal gardens and parks and sports grounds as they dig their tunnels and leave behind molehills. A mole problem can quickly establish itself and moles have litters of up to eight pups and as they mature, each one of these will want to establish its own tnetwork of tunnels.

Unfortunatley, very little can be done to prevent moles from entering your property - all we can do is eradicate the problem.

Disease & Dangers

Moles are not significant disease carriers .

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For more information regarding our mole control & eradication service in Northamptonshire, Central England or the UK, please contact us for further details.